Sewer Line Excavation | 
Boise, October 2021

When we arrived on site, the customer explained that a plumbing company had found a fault in the sewer line, had hired another company to do the excavation, but that excavation process had gone wrong and stalled.  We were happy to step in and help make things right.

We started by cutting the concrete slab along its relief cut lines and breaking it into pieces using a skidsteer mounted hydraulic breaker.  Then we carefully excavated to expose the sewer line all the way to the street.  Having exposed the pipe, we found that the problem was not in the neighbor’s connection at all; it was in the city’s line!  (Fortunately, the city explained that there was a possibility of getting the customer’s money back.)

This caused a short delay while the city completed their repairs, but then we resumed our work by backfilling the trench with fresh gravel and compacting it several times with a jumping jack compactor.  Once the trench was filled, we prepped for a new concrete driveway, with an additional walkway extension the customer requested.

To finish the work, we graded the yard and, once concrete was poured, brought in fresh gravel in front of the driveway to refresh the look.  The home was restored just in time for the winter holidays as the customer had hoped!

Skidsteer With Hydraulic Breaker
Completed Sewer Excavation