Grading a Horse Riding Area | 
Eagle, December 2021

People who love to ride horses need a place to ride and exercise their beloved equines.  The customer wanted us to regrade a section of fenced pasture so it would be useful for riding.  Previously, the ground was uneven, had numerous hills and potholes, and had varying types of material on the surface (sand, sod, dirt, weeds, etc).  These conditions presented a danger to both horse and rider.

Noticing that the customer took pride in their landscaping, we began by setting down sheets of plywood for the heavy equipment to roll over, so as to avoid damage to the lawn.  We followed this step by using paint to mark where the berm would be set.  Then, we began to cut high spots, putting the extra soil into a pile.  Once everything had been scraped clean, the fill material was spread evenly over any low spots and compacted by the weight of the skidsteer.

After careful grading with precise attention to detail, the riding pasture was transformed into a place where the owner could enjoy riding horses for years to come!

Horse Pasture Grading
Protecting a Customer's Landscaping
Moving Fill Material to Create a Sharper Berm
Completed Grading of Horse Riding Area
Side View of Horse Corral
Looking Back on the Horse Run
Fenced Horse Corral