Installing a 36″ Culvert | 
Star, February 2020

An irrigation ditch running through the front yard can eliminate valuable parking space.  A customer called us to install a 36″ x 20′ corrugated culvert pipe into the ditch, remove a tree stump, backfill around it, and grade the parking area above it.

We started by digging out the irrigation ditch to accommodate the new culvert.  Previously, it had been reinforced with thin lumber on the sides, and these supports were failing, bowing in toward the ditch.  We removed those and placed them on the bank.  Then we hoisted the culvert into place with the arm of the excavator, leveled it in the ditch to have a fall toward the outlet side, and began our backfill.

We packed and graded the dirt around the culvert using the excavator, ensuring that the customer had a level parking area.  The results were just what the customer had wanted!

36" x 20' Corrugated Culvert in Irrigation Ditch
Placing Culvert in Irrigation Ditch
Culvert Backfill
Finished Culvert Installation