Excavating Sunken Garden Beds for Flood Irrigation | 
Nampa, March 2022


The goal of this unique project was to create four sunken garden beds that would allow flood irrigation to flow slowly through all four levels, saturating deep into the underlying soil.  The four beds are precisely graded with heights descending a few inches per bed throughout the width of the yard so that excess water will flow down the slight incline.  These garden beds were created to make the most efficient use of water and to keep as many nutrients in the soil as possible.

In the back portion of the yard where the orchard is growing, we made three mild berms that would control the flow of water while at the same time being gentle enough to drive a riding lawn mower above them.  Finally, we ensured there was enough material around the perimeter of the property to keep as much water as possible within the garden and orchard areas.

The project was a great success and the customer is looking forward to using flood irrigation to water his garden crops and taking part in responsibly replenishing the Treasure Valley watershed!

Irrigated Garden Beds
Lower Garden Bed