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Please use the contact form below if you need excavation in the Boise area, would like to get a dirt work bid, have any general questions, or need support.  If you’re a fellow contractor and want to work together, we’d like to hear from you!  We do our best to respond to you within 24 hours!

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We provide excavation services throughout Idaho’s beautiful Treasure Valley.  Let’s get your project scheduled!

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Do I really get a free estimate or is there a hidden charge?

We love to meet with clients and discuss their projects with them and there is NO charge for estimates within our service area!  One of the most interesting parts of our excavation business is developing relationships and creating innovative solutions to often complex problems.  Even if we do not end up working with you, we are grateful for the opportunity to learn about you and your ideas.

How much experience do you have in excavation?

Our team has over 15 years of combined excavation experience!  We got our start on the rainy Oregon coast, doing highway projects, foundation excavations, and utilities excavations, eventually moving to the Treasure Valley to do work on our own projects in 2020.  We opened Red Fox Excavation to the public in 2021 and have been proudly serving Boise-area residents and business owners ever since!

What kind of timeline are we looking at to get an estimate?

Our goal is to get on-site estimates completed within 48 hours of your request.  For job start times, it depends.  It can be as little as a few days wait for utilities to be marked, or a few weeks if there are other jobs ahead of yours.  The best practice is to get scheduled right away!

Will you stay on my job until it is complete or leave it on hold?

Unfortunately there are contractors who will regularly partially finish a job and move on to another one.  We avoid this practice as much as possible, finishing every job before leaving.  Making our work as convenient for our customers is the best way to show respect to everyone in the project.

What work do I have to do before work can be scheduled?

Most of the time, nothing is required for us to begin working with you!  There are some situations where more complex steps are necessary, such as those involving engineering, permitting, and architectural work, but we will assist in developing an easy-to-follow action plan for you to complete.

Do you stand behind your work?

We at Red Fox Excavation care about excellence in our results, working hard until we meet our agreed-upon goals.  Instead of waiting for problems to emerge, we will check in with you before leaving the site to ensure everything is to your satisfaction.  As we move our equipment from your site, we will leave everything as clean as possible.