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Foundation Excavation -- Dig Out & Backfill

Foundation prep is one of our specialties!  One of the most important and often least considered parts of a home is a strong foundation.  Before that foundation can be laid, an expert excavator operator must prepare the ground, compact a gravel or cut a virgin soil base, and dig out the crawl space to within a very tight tolerance.  This enables professionals to set concrete forms properly.  After the foundation is poured and hardened, we backfill and grade the material around the stem wall.  Often, we install french drains, foundation drains, or gutter drains during this stage of the building process, as well as trenching for utilities.

Flatwork Preparation for Driveways, Sidewalks, or Patios

Do you need a new concrete driveway, patio, or walkway installed?  Concrete flatwork starts with a solid, flat surface, usually a base of compacted gravel, before concrete can be poured.  We also prep city sidewalks, custom curved and angled slabs, install culverts, and much more.  Unlike some excavators, concrete contractors who work with us have expressed satisfaction with our results, saying they never have to go back and do more work than simply set their concrete forms and pour because the gravel base is level, true, and well-compacted.  We will do our part to make sure your concrete driveway, driveway, or patio project is a success!

Trenching for Utilities

Do you need a trench excavated to place utility lines?  Do you need to replace a leaking water main, repair a broken gas line, address a bellied sewer pipe, repair a conduit damaged by tree roots, or upgrade to underground electric?  We have the right tools, including an excavator with a trenching bucket and a skid steer with a trenching attachment.   

Whether you plan to install a new backyard grill, a hot tub, she-shed, man-cave, or a workshop, we can help make your home improvement dream a reality.  We are experienced in digging for electric, water, sewer, cable, as well as installing the right conduit for each type of utility as needed.


Single-Slope or Multi-Slope Grading

Making sure rain or irrigation water flows away from structures is essential.  We have completed many grading and excavation projects in Boise, Nampa, and surrounding areas.  We can ensure your property looks and performs its best!  We can excavate channels and make swales, create berms, grade flat areas, and much more.

Laser Leveling

Whether you’re looking for a perfectly flat surface or an area with a complex multi-slope grade, we have to tools and expertise to make your project a reality.  Our lasers and sensors allow us to level grade surfaces within a fraction of an inch over a large area.

Foundation Drains, Dry Wells, and French Drains

Faulty lawn drainage or water pooling outside the house can cause major problems for your landscaping, home, outdoor structures, and even create a haven for insect infestations.

We create custom solutions to fix your drainage issues.  For example, one option is to install a dry well  to receive surface water, often with multiple drains in problem areas.  Another is to install a French drain which directs water away from structures and improves water flow off of your property.  A third option is to create circular dry wells with an auger.  Fourth, we can create berms, swales, or channels to direct water to where it needs to go.  Any of our dry well solutions can be prepared in advance to receive a sump pump for difficult drainage circumstances.

Concrete Demolition and Land Clearing

We at Red Fox Excavation use our excavator, skid steer, and hydraulic hammer breaker, along with other tools to demolish and remove concrete driveways, small structures, and small trees or bushes.  While we do not specialize in full-sized tree work, we can prepare most raw sites for your new building or remodeling plans.

Snow Removal

Having removed snow from sites up to 80,000 square feet, we have all the snow removal equipment and experience necessary to clear snow from large commercial and small residential sites.  We are fully equipped with large capacity snow blower, hydraulic broom, and hydraulic snow pusher.


Customer Friendly Construction

Our practice is to meet with customers at their location to discuss the project and provide a free on-site consultation and estimate.  We communicate regularly throughout the excavation or grading project.  Before we leave, we like to meet with every customer to ensure the results are according to expectations.


Heavy Equipment Right for the Job

No matter what the job requirements are, we can bring the right equipment to your site.  Whether we need to fit a mini excavator into a small side gate or whether we need to bring in large skid loaders, gravel compacting rollers, and dump trucks, we will use the best tools for your project.


High Quality Construction Management

We are able to patiently and effectively communicate with customers, other contractors, city officials, materials suppliers, and construction engineers to develop a cohesive plan and make it a reality.  We will always be courteous, clear, and professional in all interactions.

Specializing in Residential Projects, Commercial Excavation, and More

Working with residential and business customers directly is just as much about relationships as it is about the job itself.  When we complete an excavation project for you, we do everything possible to enhance your pride of ownership and functional use of the site.  Whether a customer asks for our help in grading, excavation, or a foundation dig out/backfill, we know that tremendous trust is being extended to us to make the results look and perform well.

When we are on-site, we always keep in mind that this is either your home or the face of your business, not just a random work site!  Because of this, we will provide accurate advice, discuss multiple ideas or possible solutions before we start moving our heavy equipment, and check-in regularly throughout the project.  We make it our practice to listen respectfully for your feedback.  It is our policy to leave the site as clean as possible and ensure you are fully satisfied with the results.

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We have the skill and knowledge to complete your project, yet we are always open to learning something new.  We are willing to be creative, to listen to our clients, and discuss multiple alternative ways to meet project requirements.

Client Testimonials

“Josiah was very professional. He showed up when he said he would and did excellent work. He worked with us to find a creative solution for our drainage issues. His prices were fair and he did his best to find ways to save us money.”
Erin from Eagle

” I had an unusual job of grading that needed to be done for my garden & orchard area. Josiah was happy to take on the challenge of make watering paddies for my veggie area & swales for my orchard. Thanks to Red Fox Excavation I now a have a very efficient way of watering my acre with flood irrigation.”

Richard from Nampa

“Red Fox Excavation was highly responsive to our needs and did a great job overall. Josiah worked into the night to get our grading job done before a winter storm hit, all with great results. We were truly impressed! Really a pleasure to work with and we look forward to bringing him/Red Fox back for future projects.”

Katrina from Eagle

“Quick response, very fair pricing and he finished before he said he would even though he had additional time added. He did a great job and I would recommend him to anyone looking for site prep and grading. He gave me plenty of options and worked with my wants and needs.”

Michael from Kuna

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