Warehouse Business Snow Removal | 
Boise, December 2021 – January 2022

When snow falls on a business that needs access to outdoor parking or outdoor product areas, it can cause significant losses in productivity and safety.  We received a call to remove snow from a large commercial warehouse lot, with approximately 800,000 square feet of area (18 acres).  A large proportion of the area had to be scraped down to bare asphalt so product markings could be read.  Removing snow from a lot this size is no small undertaking!

We started with the tools we had on hand and a lot of labor.  With every new snowfall, we upgraded our tools.  Our goal was always to ensure that the customer was pleased with the results, and we made sure to communicate often and make ourselves available and responsive to feedback.

Our snow removal tools include a 156″ hydraulic snow pusher wing, a professional 84″ snow blower, an 84″ hydraulic broom, and a second skidsteer with standard bucket.  We also have access to large scale loaders and backhoes which we will bring on an as-needed basis.  Everything we do in our snow removal efforts is to ensure you have access to your business or residence after a snow fall.

Large Commercial Lot Needing Snow Removal
Commercial Parking Lot After Snow Removal
Using a Loader to Pile Snow Out of the Way
Removing Snow From Outdoor Warehouse Product Areas
Skidsteer-Mounted Snow Blower
Skidsteer with Snow Pusher