Septic Tank and Drain Field Excavation | 
Nampa, July 2021

We excavated and installed a new septic system with tank and drain field in Nampa, Idaho.  The client was building a custom home behind their existing farmhouse surrounded by corn fields.  We were careful to not breach an electrical line which we exposed by hand digging as we dug the trench for the stub in.  We used a laser to ensure the incline would be correct to the tank (1/4″ per foot, maximum).  

Unfortunately, we had to pause this job after consulting with the inspector because of ground water.  In the winter, a test hole was dug down to 8′ with no issues.  However, now that summer had arrived and everyone was irrigating their crops, ground water became evident at six feet in both the areas excavated for septic and drain field.

The solution was found – a different type of tank which had the same volume but shallower and longer dimensions.  We readjusted the hole and placed the tank exactly where it needed to be.  We completed the project by finishing the drain field, passing inspection, and ensuring everything was properly covered with fill material.

Excavation for Septic Tank
Septic Tank Delivery