Digging a Pier Footing with an Auger | 
Eagle, August 2021


This home was almost ready for a concrete driveway to be poured.  Across from the garage, the customer wanted to install a lighted basketball hoop and needed a strong pier footing poured for it.  Part of the job also required a 1″ conduit for the electrical line.

We started by transporting the skidsteer with a 36″ auger to the site.  Digging the hole to a depth of four feed with the auger didn’t take long, and the customer used the excess dirt for his back yard.  We then placed the concrete form tube in the hole, level with the bottom of the concrete slab to be poured.  Lastly, we placed the conduit for the electrical connections.

This turned out to be a quick afternoon job, but one that will yield long-term enjoyment for the customer!


Arriving on Site with Skid Steer Equipped with 36" Auger
Quickrete Concrete Form Tube in Place