Grading Land, Redirecting Drainage, and Installing Gravel Driveway | 
Nampa, September 2021

The customer needed us to solve several challenges in his three-quarter area parking area.  First, there were low areas that collected as much as twelve inches of water that would not drain away.  Second, the shop foundation was set several inches too low and water collected in the driveway in front of it.  Third, dust was a constant problem throughout the parking area for his semi-truck trailers and agricultural equipment.

We started by using a dual slope laser to determine the best slope for the land that we could create consistently throughout.  It turned out to be only a few inches of incline across the entire property, the largest part of which measured about 110 feet wide by almost 300 feet long.  Despite the challenges in creating a flat base out of the dusty material, we continued on.

Next, we brought in approximately 270 tons of road mix gravel to place on top of the soil.  This also had to be graded with a high degree of precision with a dual-slope laser and machine sensor.

Lastly, in the driveway area in front of the shop, we created a large dry well and catch basin to handle the water flow created because the shop was set too low in the ground.

Gravel Parking Area

After the land saw some rain and we could check for performance, we verified that the drain was functioning properly.  We then returned to create another channel to funnel water toward the trees and grade approximately ten additional cubic yards of road mix.  Other than that adjustment, the project was a vast improvement for the customer who was pleased with the results!

Grading a Shallow Channel into a Driveway
Regrading Shop Driveway