Grading Field to Fix Slope for Flood Irrigation | 
Nampa, October 2021

This field was set up for flood irrigation and an inlet pipe was set in the southwest corner.  However, about halfway across the field, the ground starts to ascend toward the east, meaning that a large portion of the field failed to receive water.

Our task was simple, but required much precision: a few inches of soil had to be removed from the high east side and transferred to fill in low spots on the west side a few inches deep.  The goal was to avoid having to take the costly step of delivering more topsoil or removing excess fill material, while making the field essentially flat and sloping downward toward the northeast.

Using a dual-slope laser, surveying tools, and a few calculations, the correct slope was programmed into all devices and work began.  Using a skidsteer, we carefully moved soil from one side of the field to the other, grading and measuring slope constantly as we went.

 After several days of careful work, we measured the results against the laser and found the new slope to match the desired grade.  The farmer expressed looking forward to the improved results he would have in the next growing season as we walked the finished field together.  Another job well done!


Field Prior to Grading
Grading of Agricultural Field
Finished Grading in Farmer's Field