Beautiful Paver Patios in Decorative Gravel Landscaping | 
Nampa, June 2021

Typically, this type of work is performed by landscapers, but we decided to take on this project to complete the exterior of an in-town duplex. We started by leveling the ground and providing for proper rainfall away from the base of the foundation.  Then, we laid down a layer of premium landscape cloth to prevent soil mixing, installed decorative gravel, and smoothed it.

Lastly, we placed one inch of leveling sand, placed concrete pavers into a pleasing pattern underneath the sliding glass doors, staked in the border, and finished the job by filling all cracks between pavers with polymetric sand.  The results were beautiful, adding to the visual appeal and functionality of the home!

Paver Installation in Progress
Finished Paver Installation, Gravel, Sod Back Yard