Gravel Parking Area and Dry Well | 
Kuna, September 2021

In this relatively new housing development, the sprinklers caused a marshy area to form whenever they were turned on.  A previous contractor had graded the lawn, but it was all now sloping to a low spot a few feet away from the fence.  The customer wanted us to address this problem and also to grade and create a flat parking area topped with crushed pea gravel.

The sod had recently been laid down, so we started by rolling it back directly over the lowest spot in the lawn.  From there, we excavated out the dirt for a dry well.  About four feet down, we found a layer of practically impenetrable lava rock.  After consultation with the homeowner, we made the dry well longer and shallower, but still sufficient to drain water effectively.

Then, we regraded the side yard and brought in crushed pea gravel.  After shaping a flat parking area, we created a step down to the yard drain, and a flat area for a pre-fab garden shed.  We compacted the gravel using a walk-behind compactor to help it hold its shape.  Lastly, we rolled the sod back into place and cleaned up any soil or gravel which fell on the concrete driveway.

The results speak for themselves; this project was a success, enhancing the beauty of the home and the functionality of a lawn better designed to stay dry.

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Completed Yard Grading with Lawn Drain and Gravel Driveway