Restoring a Concrete Driveway | 
Nampa, July 2021

The client had previously experienced a problem with their sewer line and received a bid for the work which they felt was excessive.  So, they decided to do the digging and repair work themselves with the help of family and friends. 

Later, the city came by and noticed that their concrete driveway had been partially removed and insisted they reinstall it.  (Even though the neighbors had gravel driveways, once a home has a concrete driveway installed, the city would not allow the homeowner to return to gravel.)

The homeowner approached us with the situation and we gave them a great price on the driveway prep.  We removed the remaining concrete pieces and made a nice cut for the sidewalk.  Then we installed four inches of gravel and compacted it thoroughly.

We stopped by to take pictures when the concrete guys were working and the lead guy asked, “Are you the ones that did the driveway prep?  Most of the excavators leave a mess for us and we have to do a lot of digging, but this is great!  The compaction was great too.”

After the concrete work was done, we returned for a few hours to level the remaining dirt so that the homeowner would be pleased with the results — and they were!

Removing Concrete and Grading for a Driveway
Concrete for New Driveway Being Poured