Excavating a Basement Under an Existing Home | 
Boise, December 2021

A builder contacted us to see whether we could rescue an excavation project on an emergency basis.  Concrete was due in a few days and their previous excavation company was off the job.  We stepped right in to make sure there would be no delay in their timeline!

We started by repairing the ramp and taking the excavator under the house.  From there, we began removing the excess fill material to just below the footings to make room for a concrete slab.  The water table was about a foot below the surface of the ground we were working on.  Using a combination of excavator work and good old hand digging, we were able to get the ground leveled and at the right height.

We also dug a well for the sump pump at the location indicated by the builder.  After everything was done and the area was clean, we backed out from under the home, bringing the ramp up with us.  We finished the job ahead of schedule and there was no delay to the builder’s concrete order!

Preparing for Basement Dig Out
Ramp Repaired for Basement Excavation
Excavating Below Existing Home
Removing Excess Fill During Basement Dig Out
Basement Excavation and Grading Complete