Backfill, Flatwork Prep, and Rough Grade | 
Middleton, July 2021

We were called in by a fellow contractor at the last minute to help him perform a backfill and rough grade on a barn foundation that he wouldn’t be able to get to in time.  As we would find out, framers were due to arrive the next morning, so we worked late into the evening to get the rough grading job done so walls could be erected.

After walls were up, the animal four stalls had to be backfilled individually, in part by hand, along with areas around piers and a central corridor.  We then did the flatwork prep inside the garage area, compacted road mix gravel to prepare for a driveway apron, and prepped for concrete flatwork in the area throughout the parlor inside the barn and open-air parking area.

Working with a water table which was only a couple of feet under the surface proved interesting, leading to a couple of equipment rescue events, but we were able to complete the required tasks with high quality.  After the carpentry crew was finished, the original contractor was able to use one of his employees to finish the exterior finish grading work he had contracted to do, leading the project toward a successful conclusion.

Barn Foundation Backfill
Backfill and Rough Grade of Barn Foundation