Fixing a Section of Damaged 8″ Irrigation Pipe | 
Nampa, July 2021

A homeowner had employed a contractor who brought in a heavy truck on to his property.  Unfortunately, the weight of the truck crushed an underground 8″ irrigation pipe.  Originally, we had been told the crushed section was 4′ long, but once we got to work, we found the damage to be more extensive.

We began by verifying the valves were closed and digging a trench so the water within the pipe could escape while we unearthed the damaged section of pipe.  We removed 16′ of damaged pipe and replaced it with new pipe, part of which had to be installed into a metal culvert.  Then using the excavator, we spooned out the water out of the trench onto bare ground.  This way, we could backfill and grade with dry dirt around the new conduit for proper compaction.  When our work was complete, there was no sign that there had ever been an issue — another job well done!

New irrigation pipe installed
Backfilling the finished irrigation conduit